The Samoan Dynasty Finally Reappear With Many New Members at All Pro Wrestling

The Samoan Dynasty made their presence felt as they tore apart the remanence of a grueling battle royal between All Pro Wrestling’s top stars.

Steff Manukainiu marches to the beat of the Samoan Dynasty.

A group, familiar with the rich history of wrestling, introduces the newest generation of fighters, including Eti Parisi, Saka Sr, Sefa Fatu, Jr Fatu, Black Pearl, Tonga Kid, Anapeta, and Steff and Ashley Manukainiu by initiating barbaric beatdown, sending the APW fans aloft.

The target is to inject the new breed to the professional wrestling territories by starting in California. More specifically, start the journey in the Bay Area’s All Pro Wrestling, run by Markus Mac.

Eti Parisi drops an elbow onto Jody Kristofferson.

The team hit a low blow onto promoter Markus Mac, smashed number one contender Will Hobbs with a sledgehammer, flew tandem soaring attacks on Rik Luxury and Jody Kristofferson, and chased off any threat to their conquering their manifest destiny.

TK Fatu on the mic, with his family.

The Ringleader, Fatu Jr, took to the microphone in a speech to declare a new era of professional wrestling, correcting the abusive treatment of Samoans. Backed by TK Fatu, the words from the Samoan legacy embark en route again to reign malice regardless of fatalities.

The Samoan Dynasty all exit All Pro Wrestling.

Will the Samoan Dynasty manage to keep their momentum? Where will finally end up? Follow the Fatu Family on social media to catch live feeds and stay up to date on their expedition.

Jake Atlas Wins All Pro Wrestling Universal Heavyweight Championship

Jake Atlas with the APW Universal and APW Light Heavyweight Championships in San Francisco, CA.

Jake Atlas locked in a crucifix pin and reversed a samoan drop by Jacob Fatu to keep both shoulders to the mat as referee Sparkey Ballard counted the closing moments of All Pro Wrestling’s SUCKAFREE to crown a new Universal Champion.

The pro wrestling rookie, in his fourth year in the business, won the hearts of millions throughout his lengthy, full time commitment to the sport. Based in Los Angeles, Atlas makes his way thousands of miles away from home to capture gold in neighboring territories, where he is accepted as one of their own fighting champions.

First Bet

The road to Double of Nothing inside the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, NV led us up a painted staircase into a left fans wondering where the true heart of the wrestling world is. 

The richest of all prizes announced for the Battle Royale, and a match by match card played out in front of a live audience. 

A movie premier in the premise of the Gods of wrestling shined upon bright sunlight and clouds in the wrestling galaxy.

The ray of hope in the women’s division is now in WWE. Also, a title anyone could earn.

The best seller, best seller, at the selling station, and leading content provider team to empower the world with the strength of pro wrestling. 

Even more powerful, is the love of entertainment.


The decision of choosing which side to spend time in could be the ultimate life experience, leading you further into your time on this planet.

There were very few t-shirts brought in, leaving only few traces of hauling of decoration in the 24/7 hardcore gambling casino.



A Wave of Emotions Reached, For The Gold

Gold Rush Pro Wrestling presented the loyal fans with a moment that the fans could bond over with sounds of glory, as well as dissonance.

For eight years, Gold Rush Pro Wrestling present its annual Reach For The Gold event in Pacifica, CA. Wrestlers from all over the world come through to The Gold Mine to carve out their legacy, hoping one day to strike gold.

Gold Rush Pro Wrestling’s Reach For The Gold 8.

Among the pieces of gold scattered throughout the talent are championships, golden opportunity horseshoes, and golden pieces fought for and prized by competitors.

Marcus Lewis, Flying Lion.

This year, no piece of gold was bigger than the Dynamite Division Championship, held by Boyce LeGrande, for more than five years. Marcus Lewis challenged the champion to the almighty ladder match, where the championship rested above the ring for the competitors to climb.

A chair takes out Alexandre Goldstein.


The jubilation in the crowd watching what could possibly be a new champ crowned shook the Ingrid B. Lacy Gymnasium to the core. The echoes of solidarity enchanted the holy ground of professional wrestling as Marcus Lewis unbuckled the strap of the title atop a fifteen feet ladder.

Marcus Lewis claims the Dynamite Division Championship.


At such height, Lewis could feel the adulation from his fans as he looks down, only to see the referee of the contest out of commission due to a mistargeted chairshot that drilled the dome of Alexandre Goldstein. Lucian D. Light enters the ring.

Lucian D. Light tilts Marcus Lewis and the Dynamite Division Championship.

The distain of the audience, hailing the stage with a roar of boos and disagreement, saw as D. Light topped over the ladder, and sent a breeze to Lewis that relinquished the hold of the Dynamite Division Championship.

Lucian D. Light presents the gold to Boyce LeGrande.

The prized gold now separated from the victor. The title was picked up and placed onto the battle worn Boyce LeGrande. As the daze wore off from the chair shot, the referee awoke to the seemingly indisputable sight of LeGrande with the golden title and called for the end of the match, declaring LeGrande the winner.

Boyce LeGrande and Lucian D. Light with the Dynamite Division Championship.

All Elite Wrestling’s Ticket Release Party at the MGM Pool

Las Vegas witnesses the beginning of the journey of many of today’s top wrestlers at the All Elite Wrestling Ticket Release Party at the MGM Casino in Nevada.

Kenny Omega is faced with a challenging Chris Jericho at the MGM Pool.

Chris Jericho smacked Kenny Omega in the face right as Kenny came out to greet his legion of fans who were cheering for Kenny’s name throughout the night. The sweet sound of a historic moment in pro wrestling echoed through the winter weather atmosphere of the MGM Pool.

We saw Brandi Rhodes announce two signees in Kylie Rae and Nyla Rose to the women’s division, both booked to wrestle on AEW’s Double or Nothing at the MGM Arena on May 25th 2019.

Brandi Rhodes is in the middle of a conflict between her two newest signees Kylie Rae and Nyla Rose.

The future of the tag team division is blueprinted with The Young Bucks headlining with The Lucha Brothers, suggesting a main event match for the show.

Hangman Adam Page received message from PAC that the path to the AEW World Championship is not clear. PAC will be the obstacle for Hangman Page at Double or Nothing.

The Young Bucks in their home turf on the West Coast.

Cody introduced Sonny Kiss to the AEW roster, after Maxwell Jacob Friedman left the stage from his disagreement with Conrad and the Las Vegas Fans.

Best Friends, Chucky T and Trent showed up with their denim vests to show their place in AEW.

Yuka Sakazaki and Aja Kong were announced as signees to the company, but were unable to make the event.

Oriental Wrestling Entertainment, AEW’s business partner.

SCU of Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky challenged CIMA and the OWE brand to a three on three tag match.

Tickets for Double or Nothing will be on sale exclusively first for the legitimate fans.

Adam Page walks through the AEW pool party.

Jody Kristofferson Wins Bandslam Cup in Thirty Person Rumble

Official Sparkey Ballard Calls Kristofferson Winner!

The Gold Rush Pro Wrestling Bandslam Cup is a multi person rumble in Pacifica, CA.

Jody Kristofferson, winner of the 2019 match, fought through injury and won the battle.

The Kristofferson roots laid deep in the All Pro Wrestling Boot Camp, now the Gold Rush Pro Wrestling Gold Mine.

Sparkey Ballard was delighted to present a fine trophy to the wonderful victory of Kristofferson.

The event took place on January 26, 2019.

Bar Wrestling Contraformisms.

Business is conducted all over the world for a professional wrestler.

The Young Bucks Bar Wrestling Brandi Rhodes Eric Watts
The Young Bucks topple the giant electrical storm of sports entertainment.

A leg drop can be more devastating to the opponent than thyself, if you are Frankie Kazarian.

RockNES Monsters Eric Watts Christian Cole Rick Knox Bar Wrestling
A space introduction takes us to the main event of Bar Wrestling.


Heather Monroe fights for a grip at Bar Wrestling.

Ray Rosas diving in for a splash!

Joey Ryan has a hanging death grip on Eric Watts.

The Young Bucks Bar Wrestling
Beautiful Gemmed Speckled Tasseled Bucks Vests by Denise Pemberton-Bogle.

Cody Runnels Bar Wrestling
Cody cleans office of space dust.

Christopher Daniels with the Best Meltzer Ever to win the main event with Frankie Kazarian.

Best of The West Wrestling’s New Fresno Studio

Dave Dutra faces Chris Bey with referee Shane Wiggles in a Championship Match at the studio.

Best of The West Wrestling has rented out a studio for their television program and training school in Fresno, California.

The American wrestling promotion started in 2016, and are already putting their product on Amazon Prime.

Kyle Newport and AJ Kirsch share the commentating booth.

Their local fans have invested in stories and characters, such as AJ Kirsch, Funnybone, Chris Bey, Toxic Trent, The Bomb Squad, Damien Drake, Bison Braddock, Alexander G. Bernard, Mike Rayne, Styker Ngongseke, Diablo Azteca, Dave Dutra, Nuk Nuk Johnson, Steven Landis, Kent Reed, Matthew Sparks, Royce Isaacs, Jorel Nelson, Chaz Hererra, Robbie Phoenix, Owen Travers, Danny Rocket, Hip Hop Harry, Levi Shapiro, Steven Tresario, Wieguy, Niko, Marcus Eriks, and Kyle Newport.

Toxic Trent glowing in the stage lighting.

The group features the best superstars from all of California, covering both northern and souther regions of the state. Including their fly-in talents, and their local students, each of their show is stacked with talent found only in Best of The West.

Lisa Lace in action at Best of The West.

The goal for the company is to grow to become a nationwide recognized brand, and reach the entire world. Best of The West proudly boosts their equal opportunity work standards, responsibility, accountability, honesty towards each other, and support for all involved.