Cody Rhodes and Jay Lethal Tie Up In Texas Bull Rope Match

At Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor XI, two of sports entertainment’s biggest stars cuffed their wrists with jarring bull rope, fifteen feet apart – with a threatening cowbell centered – and fought to the edge of obliteration.

Cody commenced a revoutionary battle of chauvinism in allegiance to the name, “The American Nightmare.”

The Franchise of Ring of Honor, Jay Lethal, did not warrant Cody’s unjustifiable disturbance in the sleepless labor in the house of honor.

The two stars bravely agreed to fight – constricted and forced by a lariat that confined their range of mobility and scope – in the middle of a professional wrestling ring.

Both Cody and Jay skirmished through metal and wood as they clashed.

The unnatural string that lead the two framed the picture for the creative fighting spirits in both athletes.

The view from the audience must have been a grim avenue as the two athletes fought bloodily and disingenuously amid millions of supportive company.

Twenty minutes go by, and The Lethal Injection ends the destruction caused by The American Nightmare to a whispering three count.

Watch the historic Texas Bullrope Match on




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