Cauliflower Alley Club Day Two Gets Lit

Cauliflower Alley Club day two was met with high expectations from day one. Not only did they surpass the moments in height, they also went an hour longer!

Las Vegas, NV is an amazing city that provides no wasted time for those who wander. The Gold Coast and its various restaurants serve the hungry and its eager with games and liquor in every corner.

A.J. Kirsch, Rock The Promo Champion, opens the event, welcoming the audience to Cauliflower Alley Club’s Casino Royale Night Two.

Professional Wresting Performer, Sabu, came out to beat up some bullies. Super Genie threw a fireball at Mike Rayne and Marcus Eriks, who were complaining that they didn’t get to work on the show.

Many performers from the National Wresting Alliance filled about half the event.

A lumberjack match featured about twenty of the GLOW (Glorious Ladies of Wrestling) performers, the most charismatic women professional wresting entertainment of the decades, including Lightning.

A large tag match then followed, featuring Cup Winner Kikyo, Le Rosa Negra, many more.

Sinn Bodhi watched as the battle royale to determine his opponent later in the night, which was won by “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony.

The Grappler gave a heartfelt speech to start the show, which was then joined by two of his friends, The Cuban Assassin and Fantasy.

“Mr. Prime Time” Zack Reeb successfully defended the Gold Rush Pro Heavyweight Championship.

The Classic Connection performed in a hard fought match against a tough team from the NWA.

Bobby Hart and Kikutaro had and epic comedy match.

“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony won the Cauliflower Alley Club Cup.

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