Kikutaro, Bobby Hart, and Nehemiah Johnson Create Comedic Masterpiece

Kikutaro and Bobby Hart (with referee Nehemiah Johnson) were set to meet in the middle of the wrestling stage on the second show of Cauliflower Alley Club in The Gold Coast in Las Vegas, NV.

Between the rivalries and friendships that had been fought over, gold and prestige were put aside so that Kikutaro and Hart could give a hand to the audience to create a magical experience in front of hundreds.

The match fought half in the ring and half outside, which had a kick to the ropes each time someone had their balls hanging between the second and high rope.

Hart held Taro in a waist lock, which led to three sequential back pedal low blows, including hard shot to the balls of Nuk Nuk Johnson.

Kikutaro did not hesitate to charge at a hurt Hart in the corner, but was hit with the bottom of a heel about half a dozen times.

A hard fought Kikutaro and Bobby Hart hit each other with half force chops to the chest that drew to the only “This is Awesome!” chant in the entire weekend.

Hart came out with his arm raised after catching Taro in a ball and chain, lifting him up, and hitting Taro with lifting knee strike.

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