Cinco De Mayhem in San Francisco

Cinco De Mayo is not only a day with a special name, it is a day with a special wrestling show at the Verdi Club in the Dogpatch District of San Francisco.


With many events going on the same day, this professional wrestling event stood out as the one to go to in S.F., as it was family friendly, food serving, and full of hungry performers who want to get their moment in the spotlight.

About eight matches, including a double heavyweight vs. lightweight match that set up two large combatants, took place for about two and a half hours. Each match was concise and straight to the point in telling their story.

Highlights include:

Shotzi and Kikyo fighting for possibly the fifth time in the last two months due to a drought in women’s performers. However, they did have the best match on the show.


Chicano Flame used Jheri Gigalo’s own brass knuckles to win the match.

Will Roberts and a masked Steven Tresario fought almost to exhaustion.


The Bastos Boys (Johnny Dynamo and Manny Mars) and Starboy made a strong impression, with a win over Boyce Legrande (w/ Lucian D. Light), Rik Luxury, and The Classic Destroyer.


Ethan White proved that he could dominate a newcomer with ease.

Synn and Amish Johnson set to have a match sometime in the future.


Ceasar Black, Bruno, and Donovan Troi did a great job at commentary, even though they may have been harsh at times.

Four masked locals were given the opportunity to perform and did their best.































































































































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