Tailgate Party at Hilton Santa Clara

Outside the Hilton Santa Clara, aa tailgate party happened for the people waiting for the U2 concert next door at Levi’s stadium. It was a beautiful event, where groups gathered and mingled with a full bar and got ready to walk across to the performance.

I met many people and took their picture, which was my job, hired by the DJ, Donny, as the backup photographer for the day. He and his backup, Carlos, were cool and we all enjoyed our time there taking pictures and playing music for everyone who spent their time at the event.

It took me a while to find parking. But somehow, I managed to find my way into the staff parking lot of Levi Stadium, only to find out that the event I needed to be at was across the way on the other side of the lot. I ran and jogged until I walked across and made my way through the sliding doors to ask for directions to the DJ booth. I was told directions by a kind woman, who seemed to know what was going on there, and I walked across a banquet of cookies and other delicious looking food, tempted to steal, but my job was more important, so I met up with the DJ outside. I did get a bottle of water later.

There were lots of cool people; people I never thought I would meet, especially being in different industries. Tech people, famous people, and essential spirits of our kind were there and interacting with me. I definitely thought I was at the very least, out of place, but more undeserving to talk to such people of high class.

I walked around taking turns talking to people and taking their pictures and making smalltalk in the middle of it all. I had a great time and meet many beautiful people.



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