Michael Elgin Catches Shane Strickland on a Swerve

Mismatches take place often, but “Unbreakable” Michel Elgin is about a hundred pounds heavier than “Swerve” Shane Strickland.

Strickland is quick and on his toes, mobile and agile, but to break Michael Elgin is to exert all one can have and even more. Strickland would find himself having to run the ropes while finding unorthodox offense in and out of the ring.

Though Elgin would find trouble forcing moves on Strickland, Elgin would catch Strickland on unsuspecting high risk moves to destructive slams.

Elgin and Strickland fought counter for counter, to the point where the two hit continuous moves – Strickland with a super kick, Elgin with a lariat, and Strickland rebounded up with a stomp – for a double knockout. Surprisingly, that was not the end of the match.

Strickland got the weary Elgin up to the top turnbuckle to finish him off with a leg-scissor takedown, but Elgin avoids it and catches Strickland in a series of power bombs to end the match.



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