Adam Cole Closes a Chapter with Sami Callihan

Fans lined up from day to night to see Head Like a Cole at the American Legion Hall 308 in Reseda, CA, where history marks the spot that Mount Rushmore formed. Years ago, Adam Cole won the PWG Battle of Los Angeles, the first step in soon becoming the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship.

Sami Callihan challenged Adam Cole to a World Title Match at Is Your Body Ready when Callihan was set to leave the indies. This time around it is Cole leaving, and there are no titles on the line; just pride, respect, and a good show for the fans in attendance.

It was a hush afternoon, with no ring. The ring came in about an hour after doors were supposed to open. The silence in the American Legion Hall gave room for the space of this match to be contended in the most anticipated environment for the fans, and the most unpredictable for those producing the show.

After the reflecting was done, the bell rings. We are off, trigger pulled, there is no more waiting – it is time.

Chairs were brought out and swung with the force of a decade of wrestling shots. The fans could hear the sound of Cole’s last breaths inside the American Legion Hall. Justin Borden was the referee in between it all. But alas, they could also hear Callihan’s unrelenting roars to once and for all end his arch nemesis.

The fans did not know when this match was going to end, nor did they want to see it end. All we knew was that we are witnessing a moment in time where the only experience was to go with the essence and watch along with the locker room and hundreds of wrestling fans in Reseda, CA.

It seemed like a sunset flip. It was a move that Adam Cole could easily kick out of. Did the referee count to three? He did. And all of a sudden, the Cole Train was stopped in its track. Three twisting brain busters to the knee onto Sami Callihan would not change the moment that Cole was just pinned. The fighting in the outside, amongst the fans, could not be the escape for Cole that his last match in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla is over.

The atmosphere stood still. Everyone was waiting to see what would happen. Callihan looks on from the opposing corner. The fans were silent as Cole stood up. Callihan meets the man he just beat in the middle of the ring. A hand was extended. Callihan spits on his hand, and wipes it on his own jacket. But, his nemesis disappears. And that was the end of Adam Cole, BAYBAY!



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