Marcus Lewis Hangs With Fenix

At Big Time Wrestling’s Supershow, one match stood out more than the rest. In an athletically competitive one-on-one showdown, high-flying aerial technician Fenix, well known in the sports entertainment scene, visited the Central California Television production of wrestling, BTW, to face up and comer superstar, Flying Lion Marcus Lewis. This match would prove that Lewis could hang with the big boys and is ready for a major run in the wrestling circuit.

Marcus Lewis, a superstar in many surrounding areas of Northern California, had a big match to prepare for. Fenix; a multi-tag champion, brought one of his championships to the ring with him at Newark Memorial High School and stood head to head with the Bay Area native, Lewis.

We are off. In a series of chain wrestling, Fenix would get the upper hand of Lewis, bending the arm and taking Lewis – shoulders to the mat – to a ground game. Lewis would fight back, escape, and have a wrist of his own. The two exchanged reversals and eventually stalemated to a standoff.

Marcus Lewis still fought valiantly, but Fenix was able to hold Lewis down and wear him out for an lengthy period of time until Lewis was able to get an escape.

Lucha style takedowns were being used. Before you knew it, someone was taken to the outside, and dives were used to continue the offense without being held back.

Intense back and forth jabbing, chest slapping and monstrous kicks to the body – head, chest, and limbs – would result in the two superstars being laid out on the mat for a count by referee Ronnie Washington.

Marcus Lewis gets a shot in; Fenix is down. Lewis hits a 450• Splash off the top rope for a one – two – …. two count only. Fenix is not out.

Lewis lifts Fenix up and places him on the top turnbuckle to go for a high risk takedown that would give him the win, but Fenix would not have any of it. Fenix fights Lewis off. Fenix strikes Lewis with a heavy blow that would throw Lewis off the top rope and many feet down to the mat.

Fenix settles to finds his balance He springboards off the top rope, coming down with increasing momentum, an drives a missile double feet stomp to a laying Lewis for the victory.

After the match, Fenix thanks Marcus Lewis for being a solid performer and gives a word of respect to the fans of Newark, CA for being for creating a loving atmosphere and for being part of a great experience.


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