Tito Santana teams with “Hawk Eye” Shane Kody in Newark, CA

Tito Santana made a rare appearance wrestling at Big Time Wrestling at the Newark Memorial High School in Newark, CA on a stacked supershow.

Teaming up with “Hawk Eye” Shane Kody, Santana battled in a tag team match against El Guerrero and Chico Navarro, with their valet. Alex Goldstein refereed the match.

Promoter, Kirk White, is seen at ringside making changes to the match, probably changing it to a “No DQ” match.

Shane Kody and Tito Santana walked out to thunderous applause by the Newark fans. El Guerrero and his valet, however, got booed, leading him to walk up to the stands and confront people.

The tension was built before the first tie-up. A deep stare-down led to Shane Kody quickly tossing one of the bad guys through the ropes to the floor. Santana took the attention away from referee Goldstein and Kody went to work with El Guerrero with a steel chair. Three chair to the back hits were heard around the gymnasium. The fans voiced their loud approval in cheers and screams.

The fast action match quickly turned into a lengthy beatdown by Guerrero and Navarro and Kody. Several times, the distraction caused by the valet and frequent in-and-outs by the bad guys made it difficult for referee Goldstein to see a tag, even if there was one.

Shane Kody finally breaks loose and tags Santana in. Santana hits several strong lariats  and high hip tosses on Guerrero and Navarro. His momentum was cut short by a knee from the outside against the ropes. Kody spears Navarro coincidentally as Santana sees and pins the knocked-out Navarro for the win.

Santana and Kody both take a moment to appreciate the fans of Newark Memorial.


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