Yoshitatsu Wrestles in the Bay Area

Yoshitatsu made a tough journey to the west coast of the U.S. twice in one month to perform in front of the two best wrestling promotions in the Bay Area.

The first show was Big Time Wrestling, where he wrestled in a triple threat match with Eli Drake and BTW World Champion, Kimo in Newark, CA. Champion Kimo got the first shots in, but was overthrown by experienced wrestlers Yoshitatsu and Drake. Yoshitatsu fought with Drake, but Kimo hopped in and did a cutter to someone and got the pin. In a tough contest, fans kept their eyes glued though the main event and showed respect for each of the performers.

At All Pro Wrestling the next week, Yoshitatsu had another lengthy contest with APW Internet Champion, Karl Fredricks. In this artful old school match, Yoshitatsu came close to pinning his opponent to become the new Internet Champion, hooking in the butterfly face buster and hitting it on Fredricks. Fredricks busted out some underhanded tactics, a scratch to the face, or something of that sort, got the distraction and walked out of Concord, CA with the title.

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