Setting a Bar for Wrestling in Bars

Bar Wrestling’s first show in Baldwin Park, CA was a highly anticipated event that had the internet buzzing before a match was announced. The show was set to take place on June 8th, a Thursday; with no other wrestling show in sight. This was a swim or sink shot for Bar Wrestling.

Fans were seen lining up the side of the American Legion Post 241 in Baldwin Park, CA, anxiously awaiting the show. Familiar faces and loyal Southern California fans packed the hall, getting through the gated entry after being given a ticket by Joey Ryan, and lined up for beer.

The night picked up right away with the entrance of Penta 0M, facing Brian Cage in the opening round artfully skilled battle to kick off the show. Followed by a technically sound match by Scorpio Sky and Eli Drake, the show was looking good and sounding good with the voice of Kevin Condron on commentary.

Shayna Baszler and Taya showed the room what they were capable of in a fierce kick   fight that was more physical than what we have seen. Then, Ryan Nemeth and EC3 took it all out around the building, into the crowd in a Bar Fight at Bar Wrestling. After some cleaning up, we saw Peter Avalon and Pinkie Sanchez fly off all over the ring in a round-a-bout risky competitive high flying crusade.

The World’s Cutest Tag Team of Joey Ryan and Candice Lerae was welcomed with a thankful, but loud roar from the fans. Losing to the team of Matt Cross and Iveliesse on the first show of Bar Wrestling, the WCTT respectfully stepped down and gave the  spotlight to the main event of Willie Mack and Jeff Cobb. A physical and mental war took nearly all the energy out of the two competitors.

In the first main event of Bar Wrestling, Willie Mack’s Chocolate Thunder Driver took it home for the Southern California native, who grew up and raised well in the area. Bar Wrestling was a true homecoming.

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