“Dirty” Ron McDonald Draws a Weapon to Threaten Delirious to Submit to “I Quit” Match

Fist Combat is a wrestling promotion based in San Diego, CA. “Dirty” Ron McDonald is their GET FIST’d Television Champion. On this show, Delirious was set to challenge Ron McDonald in an “I Quit” Match.

McDonald says he just took two strips of acid, and things are going to get crazy.

A series of brawls broke out throughout the event, which had The Classic Connection and True Grit semi-main battle that went outside of the ring, to the outside of the street, and would carry on over the beginning of the main event match. Officer Chip got involved in more than one match, handing out violations and bringing attention to himself.

B-Boy, the FIST Champion, and Joey Ryan left the championship title to be fought for in a twenty-four/seven ruling for the night, which would let the title be up for grabs at any time throughout the show; even between the numerous entertaining matches such as, El Snowflake vs Kikutaro, SoCal Crazy vs Jacob Diez, Rocketboy vs Eli Everfly, and a huge nine person battle royal.

Delirious would come out to an awaiting champion, Ron McDonald, who stood tall on a ladder, holding his belt up high as he glanced over the fans in the building.

The match would not get started, however, as Classic Connection and True Grit’s fight spilled onto the floor of the building. Rocketboy and Everfly got involved, and the stage did not clear out for minutes until the fight was taken outside.

Back inside the ring, the “I Quit” match is on the way, as the bell rings. Ron McDonald  brings in chairs. McDonald enticingly convinces Delirious to sit down and engage in a tough, brutal, and mentally straining staring contest. Neither stars give up. McDonald takes the microphone and blasts Delirious’ ears sharply with an explicit, intrusive, relentless love song. Not giving up, Delirious screams back with a ear-beating heavy metal rap in the face of McDonald.

Before the match could go any further, Kikutaro and El Snowflake come out; and Kikutaro starts hip gyrating in front of Delirious. Out comes Joey Ryan, who is dangling his FIST Championship in the middle of the ring toward Delirious to continue the submissive “I Quit” match, but only before B-Boy comes out and rolls up Ryan to win back the title.

After a deep breath from everyone in the room; McDonald and Delirious met in the center of the ring and the “I Quit” match was getting tense. Moments before locking up, Officer Chip shows up and stops the match. Chip has a chip on his shoulder and has to voice his grief, and takes a weapon out of his pocket.

McDonald takes the gun from Officer Chip and knocks him down. McDonald expresses his frustrations about the situation and waves the weapon around at everyone, at himself, and then at Delirious. Delirious could not believe what he is having to endure; and on the microphone, says that this is the most ridiculous thing he has ever been a part of, has no idea what’s going on, now hates karaoke, cops, Ron McDonald, and acid; and quits the match.

After the match, Delirious questions the equilibrium of Officer Chip. Benefit of the doubt given, but Chip attacks Delirious from behind. Delirious clobbers Chip with a wild lariat, holds Chips arms behind his back; and brings him around the venue for fans to chop all around to end the show.



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