Tag Team Championship Titles are the Top Prizes For Lion Power, Black Armada, and The Classic Connection

All Pro Wrestling’s tag team division is heating up with three eligible champions in the run. Lion Power, of “The Young Lion” Marcus Lewis and “Will Power” Will Hobbs are faced with challenges from former champions, The Classic Connection, “The Ace” Buddy Royal and “Unorthodox” Levi Shapiro with Brian Zane; who just lost the APW Tag Team Titles to Lion Power at Cow Palace Royale, and Black Armada, of Synn and Papo Esco with Caesar Black.

At the first match of APW Gym Wars in Concord, CA, Classic Connection entered, without their recently lost titles; and partnered up with the Berkeley Brawler to take out their frustrations on Manny Mars, Johnny Dynamo, and Slade and made a point in regaining the championships.

Papo Escobar and Synn made their presence felt in the second tag match of the night, defeating the Keepers of the Faith and showing off their dominance.

Lion Power successfully defended their APW Tag Team Championships against Bateman and Brody King in the third match of the night, keeping the title of the current best tag team in All Pro Wrestling.

After the match Tag Team Championship Match, The Classic Connection made their way down and pointed towards the championship gold that Lion Power were holding. Before Classic could further instigate, Black Armada attacked Lion Power from behind and laid the champions out.

The Classic Connection and Black Armada stared each other down as the champions, Lion Power, laid motionless in the ring


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