Wrestling Adventure at Meltdown Comics

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood hosted the Red Carpet Roll-Out in partnership with Meltdown Comics in the heart of the Los Angeles Hollywood area. The comic shop shifted their layout to accommodate a full sized wrestling ring and turned their meeting room into a locker room, put a curtain over it and made it into a world class wrestling venue.

Top talents in the likes of Rocky Romero, Scorpio Sky, Bateman, Peter Avalon, Bad Dude Tito, Heather Monroe, Ray Lyn, Eric Watts and Ty Matthews, Pac 3, Ryan Taylor, Dicky Mayer, Jarek 1:20, Astro Viajero and more made it down to Meltdown Comics to perform in front of a full house of loud, passionate wrestling fans.

Six matches took place, with implications to the Red Carpet Rumble, which features international superstars Vickie Guerrero and Justin Roberts, in Port Hueneme, CA next show.

Peter Avalon took a loss to Bateman, which may threaten his Heritage Championship. Bateman caught Peter off the top turnbuckle with a superplex and nailed him with a raining forearm. Avalon is set to face Bad Dude Tito at the Red Carpet Rumble for the championship.

Bad Dude Tito picked up an impressive win over Ray Rosas and Devin Sparks in a triple threat match. Beating two competitors is a nice warm-up for the title match.

Pac 3 picked up a cheap win over Eric Watts and Ty Matthews with the tights pulled for leverage. However, during the match, Watts and Matthews showed great agility and strength that could match Pac 3.

Jarek 1:20 blinded Astro Viajero with a trick up his sleeve; or in this case, a trick up his trunks, as Jarek pulled out a deck of cards and sliced up Viajero and hit him with a loaded punch to keep the high flying Viajero grounded for the three count.

Jervis Cottonbelly, with TV Personality Joe Galli, and Joe Vernola did MC, starting with an interview with CWFH Correspondent Angel Castillo.

Rocky Romero made his anticipated entrance into the Red Carpet Roll-Out to team with Scorpio Sky against Ryan Taylor and Dicky Mayer. Romero gave his opponents a match to work for, wrestling them in top condition and strategic style. Taylor and Mayer kept up and ran the course with Sky and Romero, going at it counter for move for move until they were gassed. Action fell to the outside and a dive was seen to bring the action back to a neutral level. After a few critical exchanges, Romero picked up the win for his time with the same maneuver he won the CWFH Television Championship with; the backflip over the head takedown.

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