Jeff Cobb Lays the Foundation for a Suplex Town

Jeff Cobb made it clear that throwing people over his head is his way of dominating the ring. Cobb defeated the decorated international champion superstar, Trent?, in a one-on-one match. A variety of suplexes used by Jeff Cobb that he can handle just about any challenge in his way.

The foundation has been laid for the blueprint of Jeff Cobb, the professional wrestling superstar. Cobb is on his way to mold and chisel the shapes – the character of his building – that fit within his variety of moves. As of now, Cobb is laying out each of his opponent like bricks, relentlessly, tossing one after another.

Trent? is no shortage of a tough opponent. Many times over, Trent? slapped Cobb senseless and weakened the base of Cobb enough to drive Cobb down with multiple piledrivers. Trent? hit signature package-like driver, Crunchy, nearly pinning Cobb.

Cobb launched Trent? in a reversal and caught him, with the momentum of the fall, with a Tour of the Islands swinging powerslam.

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