Matt Sydal and Sami Callihan Match Scores Three Chairs

Sometime in the Matt Sydal vs Sami Callihan match, there were three chairs thrown into the ring. Realizing that one of the chairs was thrown in by referee Rick Knox, it was not needed, so it was put to the outside. Sami Callihan came charging at Matt Sydal, who caught Callihan with a spinning heel kick, kicking the chair away and back to the face of Callihan. However, this did not help Sydal win the match, who later lost to Callihan’s Stretch Muffler.

Sydal, at one point, hit Callihan with a chair against a chair while Callihan was on the mat. Going for the Shooting Star, Sydal looked up after climbing the turnbuckles and saw a swinging chair in full force coming in from Callihan, dropping Sydal to the mat. Countering a power bomb with a hurricanrana onto a standing chair would not get the win for Sydal.

After the fighting on the outside in the beginning of the bout, Sydal could not have enough energy to outfight the stronger and bigger Sami Callihan. Callihan, which in the midst of a kick-out, catches Sydal in the Stretch Muffler, a lower body subission, where Callihan wrapped Sydal’s leg around his neck and


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