Joey Ryan, The American Nightmare Cody, and PPRAY Make Memories For All in Baldwin Park.

The American Nightmare Cody and YouPorn Sponsor Joey Ryan made a rare mid-card appearance to face one of Southern California’s best tag teams, PPRAY, Peter Avalon, and Ray Rosas in a tag team match at Bar Wrestling.

Joey Ryan asking the fans to take his blowpop.

ROH Champion, Cody, brought in a young fan from the floor and tossed his ringworn t-shirt. The fan was all smiles. She will remember the moment for years to come.



Some time during the match, Joey Ryan pointed to his dick and told Peter Avalon to “touch it.” Avalon refused. A fan at ringside said she would touch it, so Ryan went close to the ropes, and the fan touched his dick. After, Ryan shuffled inside the ring and about twenty fans around ringside touched Ryan’s dick after he asked, “Who else wants to touch it?” Cody, Rosas, and Avalon also touched Joey Ryan’s dick during this match.

Dozens of fans ringside touching Joey Ryan’s dick.

There are plenty of fresh interactions in this match, as The American Nightmare Cody, ROH World Champion, continues to make his tour around the United States indie wrestling scene.



PPRAY, two well know superstars in their own right, gave the opposing team of Ryan and Cody a hard fought match and provoked an intense battle.

The team of PPRAY, Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas irish whipping Cody.



The match ended when Ryan had Avalon in the YouPorn Plex, and Cody hit Peter simultaneously with a disaster kick.

Bar Wrestling Youporn Disaster Kick
Youporn Plex and Disaster Kick combination by Joey Ryan and Cody.




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