Boone The Bounty Hunter and Willie Mack Fight For Freedom

Boone the Bounty Hunter found a stash of drugs inside the tights of Super Panda; but, before he could have made a rightful arrest, the drugs would be ricocheted onto Referee Rick Knox, who had seemed to inhaled most of it. Rick Knox would lose touch with reality, striking all four competitors with super kicks and leaping over the top rope and onto the participants.

A bloodied and battle scarred Referee Rick Knox.

It was almost like a flag match, a Romero and Panda made their way into the American Legion Hall in Baldwin Park, CA with flags of Cuba on Independence day. Willie Mack and Boone the Bounty Hunter represented the United States in this tag team match-up.



SuperPanda made an impressive debut, leaving a lot of room for the Southern California fans to want to see more of him, and Romero hit his forever running clotheslines to his two opponents after inhaling some of the powder that got to Rick Knox.

Boone the Bounty Hunter leaped into action and rolled his way to knocking out his opponents with spinning kicks and corkscrew planchas.

Boone the Bounty Hunter confiscating drugs from Super Panda.

The team of Boone the Bounty Hunter and Willie Mack won the match with a pop-up press into a stunner. The All-American team won the match for the country, and the locker room emptied to celebrate the holiday.

Bar Wrestling Locker Room Celebrating the Fourth of July.



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