All Pro Wrestling Hosts Impromptu Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship Title Match

The American Nightmare Cody accepted a challenge from “Chocolate Thunder” Willie Mack, turning their one-on-one match to, now, a Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Title Match at All Pro Wrestling’s Bay Area Bash in Daly City, CA.

Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Cody.

A loud and passionate APW Faithful in attendance was caught by surprise, and eager to watch this epic showdown between two of professional wrestling’s top superstars today.

Willie Mack’s first ever ROH World Title match didn’t come easy. Behind referee Sparkey Ballard’s back, Cody got in two shots below the belt to secure his victory.



At one point, Willie Mack looked like he was going to pass out from a figure four leg lock by Cody. Mack’s closest pin attempt in defeating the ROH Champion was from running high velocity leg lariat to Cody.



Both wrestlers missed moonsault attempts; Cody, from the top, and Mack, a standing moonsault that was caught into a cradle that almost ended the match.

Referee Sparkey Ballard was in the way during a double shot attempt, which knocked him out.

Referee Sparkey Ballard gets caught in the action.

The Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Title was brought into play. Cody feinted a belt shot and passed the title to Mack, getting some Bullet Club heat with drawing the referee’s attention toward Willie Mack with the title. As referee Sparkey Ballard took the title to put to the outside, the dastardly opportunistic American Nightmare Cody rolled up Willie Mack for a pin.

The Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship.




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