Kikutaro and “American Kaiju” Devin Sparks’ Hilarious Three Rounds

“Amerian Kaiju” Devin Sparks and Kikutaro couldn’t get their match to start at first, but they went on to have an amazing match on the third try at the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Red Carpet Rumble in Port Hueneme, CA.

Devin Sparks faces off against Kikutaro with ring announcer Angel Castillo.

Kikutaro was over at the commentating booth past the ten-count when the bell rang.

After Kikutaro realized this, he pleaded referee Nick Bonnano to restart the match.


Once the match was restarted, Kikutaro missed Sparks on a running attack and hit referee Bonnano, and Bonnano called for a disqualification.

Kikutaro asked and was granted a rematch again, where he would run into the boot of Sparks many times. He pulled referee Bonnano to splash Sparks, and would run into the boot of Sparks again.


Once the two competitors got tired, they exchanged chops at the pace of leaves falling from a tree.

Devin Sparks slaps the chest of Kikutaro.

Devin Sparks got the advantage and hit a stunner to end the match.



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