Photos and Results from Newark Showdown, ft. Koko B. Ware

“The Machine” Tony Vargas makes his final pre-retirement appearance at Big Time Wrestling.

On July 14,2017 , Big Time Wrestling’s Newark Showdown, featuring WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware, took place at the Newark Pavillion in Newark, CA. Three championships were defended: The Tag Team Championships, held by The classic Connection; The United states championship, held by Tony Vargas; and the World Heavyweight Championship, held by “the fighting Unicorn” Kimo.

We also saw a retirement speech by Tony Vargas, who retired from professional wrestling because of injury. He defended his U. S. Championship title for the last time in his most recent run, and is still, as of the time of this writing, still the champion.

Seven matches were on the show. Here are the results:

Zack Muir with a suplex on JT Hollister.

Zack Muir def. JT Hollister by tap out using a dragon sleeper. This was a short match with lots of action. The fans were loud and excited to watch this first match of the event.

Jinx hits an elbow on Will Roberts.


Jinxx def. “The Real Deal” Will Roberts by pin after a pump handle into a small package driver type move that took out Roberts. This was a high intensity methodical battle between California’s top young talent.

Buddy Royal hits a flying knee on Devin Danger.

The Tag Team Championships were up for battle as the Bite Club; Devin Danger and Chico Navarro, with Shaun Sims at ringside, made their entrance first to challenge the reigning champions, The Classic Connection. Classic Connection won with the backbreaker to “Bombs Away Fist Drop” combination via pinfall.

A falcon arrow by Sledge onto Rik Luxury.

Sledge def. “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury via pin after a boot to the face, even through the distraction by Luxury’s manager, Donovan Troi. This match was heard being referred to as the match of the night.

Tony Vargas says goodbye to in ring action.

The United States Championship match between ” The Machine” Tony Vargas and “The Angel of Flight” Mike Matthews ended in pinfall when Vargas countered a curb stomp into a pop-up power bomb. Vargas’ farewell speech followed. The locker room emptied to show their respect to the BTW Original superstar.

“Hawk-Eye” Shane Kody teamed with the Legendary Koko B. Ware to defeat The Ballard Brothers (Managed by Missy Carlyle) . Koko B. Ware made a memorable entrance with parrot, Frankie. The competitors took the fight to the crowd and all over the Newark Pavillion. Kody hit spears on both Ballard Brothers, and a DDT on Missy Carlyle to win the match for his team. Koko B. Ware spanked Missy Carlyle after the match.

Kimo hooks a package piledriver for the win.

Yoshitatsu challenged for the BTW World Heavyweight Championship, but fell short to “The Fighting Unicorn” Kimo. In a solid even match between the two, both competitors worked hard to give it their all in front of a loyal Big Time Wrestling fanbase. Yoshitatsu’s butterfly facebuster did not keep Kimo down, and neither did Kimo’s cutter win the match for him. Kim resorted to the infamous package pile driver to win the match and keep the World Heavyweight Championship.

Big Time Wrestling finished another signature event, sending fans home happy. The future of the United states championship maybe up for grabs soon. Which new superstars will show up at Big Time Wrestling?



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