Recap from Pro Championship Wrestling Oroville

Oroville’s annual “Off The Chains” event held another Cage Match featuring the champion, Boyce LeGrande with Lucian D. Light and Pro Pain, face against the former champion, Synn. In this match, we saw LeGrande leap off the top of the steel structure with a diving elbow drop onto Synn. In a shocking turn of events, we saw Pro Pain attack LeGrande, his own teammate, with a chain, before walking away from the battle field. Synn power bombed a referee, who opened the door to help the both of them, and received a low blow from the hands of LeGrande. Lucian D. Light pulled LeGrande out of the cage, helping him retain the Pro Championship Wrestling Oroville Heavyweight Championship.

The Classic Connection (Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro) saw their manager turn on them as well, when Donovan Troi put Scoot Robertson (of the Honor Society)’s foot on the rope to break a fall. Partner Sir Samurai hit Royal with the championship title, crowning new Tag Team Champions.

Rik Luxury and Mr. Prime Time Zack Reeb fought to a dirty finish when Luxury had Reeb’s tights pulled, leveraging a pin fall. After the match, actor A.J. Kirsch saved Reeb from an attack by Luxury with a steel chair, but ultimately caught a super kick to the face when Luxury ducked out of the way of Reeb. Reeb apologized, but Kirsch challenged Reeb to a falls count anywhere match at the next event.

J.J. King def. Chico Lopez.

D-Torch def. Christian Skye.

Clay Jack def. Funnybone, and J.J. King challenged Clay to the InterCalifornia championship after attacking Clay in Clay’s bear mascot costume.


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