Chris Bey Wins The Young Lions Cup

Chris Bey, from Las Vegas, NV, representing Future Stars of Wrestling won the Young Lions Cup at the Gold Mine in Pacifica, CA.

A trophy that represents the essence of the future in professional wrestling, this trophy has been won by superstars like Jeff Cobb, Marcus Lewis, Brody King, Will Roberts, and is a highly sought after prize at All Pro Wrestling, and Gold Rush Pro Wrestling.

In a sixteen person tournament, Chris Bey teamed with Marcus Malone to win their first match to advance into the semi finals of the tournament. Bey defeated Malone to advance to the finals, where he fought, wrestled, and outlasted three other competitors, pinning Manny Faberino to win the tournament, and the Young Lions Cup.

A list of wrestlers who were in the the tournament:

Chris Bey
Manny Faberino
Jungle Boy
Jake Atlas
Zicky Dice
Marcus Malone
Cowboy Charlie
Keita Murray
Toxic Trent
Derek Slade
Kal Jak
Jesse James
Richard Shhhnary
Dominic Teixeria
Super Beetle

Bad Boy Boyce LeGrande w/ Lucian D. Light took on Chicano Flame in a non-tournament Dynamite Division Championship match at the event.

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