Tessa Blanchard Raises The Bar Two Times in One Night

Tessa Blanchard cuts her opponent in half at Bar Wrestling.

Tessa Blanchard showed her true toughness as she wrestled two highly competitive matches in at Bar Wrestling. She is driven to be the absolute best, being a third generation wrestler in the Blanchard family, a true horseman in sports entertainment.

Blanchard, along with Indi Hartwell and many others, got a chance to shine in an American Legion Hall in front of hundreds of members of the Southern California wrestling community.
Tessa Blanchard in her first match of the night against Scorpio Sky.
In her first match of the night, Blanchard kept up with world renown athlete and NJPW Camp Coach Scorpio Sky, and earned herself a win in a high ranked match as she took the action to the air. Blanchard caught Sky with her signature move, the Magnum, a leaping snap down face crusher onto the knees from the top rope.
Tessa Blanchard makes her second entrance of the night, with Indi Hartwell as her tag partner.
A generous ovation echoes Baldwin Park, CA for Blanchard as she makes a surprise second entrance, with Indi Hartwell, into the multi-way tag team match in the semi-main event match of the show. She and Hartwell battled against PPRay, The Ugly Ducklings, and DOOMFLY, making history at Bar Wrestling.
Superstars like Blanchard are paving the road for superstars to become celebrities. She can be a role model for young, motivated individuals all across the world. Blanchard’s dedication, work ethic, and moral values can show us how to transform ourselves in order to grow and overcome challenges in our lives, while fighting to be the brightest diamond in the cluster.

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