Gold Rush Pro Wrestling, The Mine for Success

Derek Slade finds the Golden Horseshoe.

Gold Rush Pro Wrestling hosted their annual Reach For The Gold event in Pacifica, CA last weekend. The event features a Ladder Match to award a new winner of The Golden Horseshoe, a piece that could be exchanged for a championship match.

Sparkey Ballard of Gold Rush Pro Wrestling.

Sparkey Ballard’s vision of professional wrestling in sports entertainment is the key to the safe in the creative matches brought to you by GRPW.

The California Bay Area’s wrestling fans should check out Gold Rush Pro Wrestling when they have a show in town. It’s a special place where you may find the most wild unnerving characters, like The Monster Synn, but at the same time find a hometown hero in the Starboy, Cowboy Charlie.

GRPW is a show for everyone, age, race, and gender. Wrestlers like Drake Younger and Jeff Cobb made their mark on GRPW to elevate the companies. Today, guys like Mr. Prime Time and Rik Luxury are helpful in growing young talent in the area, and of course, over the eye of The Pink Mink Markus Mac, under the blessing of the late great Roland Alexander.

The Classic Connection at Gold Rush Pro Wrestling.



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