Big Time Wrestling Raises the Limit at Milpitas High School

Rik Luxury and Darren Young at the Milpitas High School in California.

Darren Young vs Rik Luxury stacked up and headlined the Big Time Wrestling’s May Daze event. May Daze was one of the highest praised sports entertainment events that has ever taken place in the East Bay Area.

Darren Young at Big Time Wrestling.

A former WWE Tag Team Champion, Darren Young brought his endless supply of positivity to lighten the cold heat of Milpitas High School. A number of fans joined BTW for this extravagant event in fundraising to help the school’s football program.

Coaching staff and students included, the school gym was packed with screaming fans who some have attended their first Big Time Wrestling event ever. The introduction to a new art has got the attention of school officials into thinking of new ways to involve students in supporting the school.

A handshake between a Milpitas Trojan and Darren Young.

The BTW crew bet on being professionals and accommodating the fans in reaching their expectations. Children of all ages, ladies and gentlemen and all were witness to the showmanship winning strides of the BTW Superstars.

“Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury and a very excited Darren Young took performance to a new height and gave the fans a nonstop switch, re-switch battle to remember. The shining light in Young lit up Luxury with knife edge chops that echo courage, strength, and overall good vibrations.

Big Time Wrestling Women’s Champion “The Warrior Princess” Samara.

The event also saw “21st Century Old School” The Classic Connection losing their BTW Tag Team Championships to Jeckles the Jester and Jinx in a three counted tag. “The Warrior Princess” Samara retained her championship in a dominant battle against BTW newcomer “The Gem” Jules. BTW World Champion “The Fighting Unicorn” Kim was able to chase away “The Jackpot” Scotty Wringer, still holding onto the title.

Big Time Wrestling World Champion “The Fighting Unicorn” Kimo.

More highly skilled superstars involved included recognized World Champion big jacked Eli Drake, “The Metalhead Maniac” Sledge, “Hawkeye” Shane Kody, “Rock Legend Scum” Adam Thornstowe, and many others.


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