Willie Mack Steals The Pot at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood

Willie Mack attacks Bad Dude Tito after their Heritage Title Match at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

“Chocolate Thunder” Willie Mack has defeated “Bad Dude” Tito Escondido for the United Wrestling Network’s Heritage Championship.

Bad Dude Tito enters his last Heritage Title defense of his first reign at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.


Championship Wrestling From Hollywood’s top title now belongs to The Mack.

Willie Mack’s newfound aggression is going to be a hindrance to his opponents.

However, his tactics and signature maneuvers have changed. Mack’s determination to win gold at CWFH has yielded dirty plays in the heat of the battle.

In the top heavyweight battle of Southern California today, Tito and Mack saw how hard they can hit to become the pinnacle United Wrestling Network Superstar.

Bad Dude Tito is bewildered at the attitude of Willie Mack.

Tito, who prides himself with fearlessness, assurance, and certainty, lost his cool when Mack coveredd him with his pair of legs on the middle rope for a straight quick three count dealt by the official.


Frantic about the sudden title change, Tito confronted Mack about the slight of hand, but was met with the sound of a thunderous brick of gold across his face.

Willie Mack is the United Wrestling Network Heritage Champion at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

Willie Mack stands atop the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Mountain with a  colorful championship across his chest. Who will challenge him to fight for the gold? Tune in to CWFH on the United Wrestling Network on FITE TV or your local CW station.


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