The Sesh, The California Cannabis Community’s Underground Fun House

Competitors have their hands ready to roll as hosts Stoner Rob, DJ Perception, and Mikey Gordon watch on.

The presence is strong in the California drug-friendly community. It is thriving in the year 2018, right now in the present. In strange times, why not indulge in food that may warp your perception of time even further?

To the corner down a staircase of the Underground Brewery Restaurant and Bar in San Diego, California hosts a roomful of medical marijuana tables with their vendors.

Cotton Candy is the creation of choice for these white coats.

A crowd of people who smoke walked circles and can escape the room to a back where fresh air runs, to breathe, before entering the maze.


People met businessmen and women who are here to make money. The vendors produce their products in creative ways. Seen are: glass vials containing pre-rolled joints and other tube-like smokeable, food and candy snacks with drug-infused effects, and an open bar-like buffet style presentation of home grown cannabis.

Upstairs at the Underground Brewery Restaurant and Bar with a group of attendees of The Sesh.


Contests were hosted and won by the best competing attendee who rolled the best blunt ( a tobacco leaf with cannabis), rolled a joint (rice paper with cannabis), smoked the glass wax bong as many times as possible without coughing out air, and a finale of the best cook, judged by Mikey Gordon, Stoner Rob, Stoner Norris, and all the other producers of The Sesh.

Outside, across the street, passing attendees of The Sesh.

Many attendees witnessed the organic growth of a community together. With the support of the state of medical marijuana, events like The Sesh may provide the entertainment and activities for a group of explorative travelers.




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