Bar Wrestling’s Showdown

“Killer Bae” Laura James paces before her match next to the American Legion Hall 241.

The sounds of Bar Wrestling, if translated, would be a city’s sirens calling for a superhero.

Southern California’s desire for pro wrestling has elevated the careers of the industry’s top performers. Fans are eager to buy in to the next selling act, put it on a pedestal, and worship it like their favorite musician’s song.

Xia Brookside pins Joey Ryan with a bridging lock.

A sing-a-long is heard as the dance takes its destined partners step by step to the finish line.

A night in Baldwin Park, cars heard going by with a breeze of fresh air, surrounds the steam room of sweat drips at near boiling point enclosed by the always accommodating American Legion Post 241.

One by one, performers pull away the curtain for their grand entrance to greet the wrestling universe as they climb the four cornered stage set by the students of Jesse Hernandez of Empire Wrestling Federation.

Rocky Romero surprised to see himself sitting inside the American Legion Hall for Bar Wrestling.

Current Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Heritage Champion Willie Mack, “The Best” Scorpio Sky, Kevin Martenson, “King of Sleaze” Joey Ryan, Hurricane Helms, The Killer Baes (Laura James and Heather Monroe), B-Boy, Kikutaro, Eli Drake, Taya Valkyrie, Xia Brookside, DOOMFLY (Delilah Doom and Eli Everfly), Luchasarus, Super Panda, Violence Unlimited (Tyler Bateman and Brody King), Rocky Romero, Brian Cage, Melissa Santos, Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, Douglas James, and many others were seen at Bar Wrestling’s Aunt May event.

Eli Drake and The Hurricane bump into each other before their match.


Hurricane Helms and Eli Drake closed the show, a finale so impeccable that, even outside the building, you can hear the grit grating chatter that Drake delivers with a gnarl. Out of the blue, a reverberating “STAND BACK!” echoed from the sky. A roar of cheer erupts through the solid wood walls of the American Legion Hall, when, out comes The Hurricane to save our backs.

A flash of consciousness; visions of: newly parents Brian Cage and Melissa Santos sharing an adoring moment, Willie Mack and Scorpio Sky meeting the Lucha Brothers in the opening contest to an exuberant crew, Xia Brookside returning to Bar Wrestling, Rocky Romero teaming with Kevin Martenson to form the RockNES Monsters, Benny Capricorn’s debut, The Hurricane sends Eli Drake into the Eye of the Hurricane and conquers the heroic battle.

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