Who Are Royce Isaac$ and Jorel Nelson, The One Percent?











Royce Isaac$ and Jorel Nelson are the current Future Stars of Wrestling Tag Team Champions. Known as The One Percent, along with their manager, MK, this team is the top tag team in Las Vegas, NV at this very point in time.

The One Percent resonates with fitness and athleticism superiority. Isaac$ and Nelson are mechanically geared and tuned to success. These two superstars have found worldwide success in their singles careers.

Opportunities are granted for individuals who continue to pursue their goals. Jorel Nelson wrestled since 2011, while Royce Isaac$ has been wrestling since his amateur days and turned pro in 2014.

“The 1% [is] the very essence of what we are. We are in the top 1% of professional wrestling tag teams; work horses in the ring; put a microphone in front of either of us and you will hear resounding confidence. And, we look better than the other 99% of professional wrestlers on the scene today.” Nelson says.


“Sometimes teams come together by chance. It’s usually what happens; and they call that a team of destiny.” In our case, we were put together. [Our manager] MK saw the two hottest free agents and signed them.” Isaac$ on forming the team.

“The pairing of Royce and me was an obvious no brainer. If MK was going to find two supreme athletes to bring together and dominate a tag division, who better than Royce Isaac$ and Jorel Nelson?” Nelson continued.

MK is invested in the match that The One Percent, his clients, are fighting in.

These two set a standard for the new age, leading a positive influence in their attitude and determination for creating a bright future.

Taking objective into their own hands, and owning a strong sense of vision is the leadership that The One Percent has. They have their eyes set on building the best version of art for their performance. With this in sight, Issac$ and Nelson are set to take on a new era of sports entertainment with an unlimited potential of opportunities.


“Being the Future Stars of Wrestling Tag Team Champions backs all of this up. FSW is a destination promotion; Royce and I welcome any tag team to come and prove us wrong. When it comes down to it, it’s that 1 Percent that makes all the difference…” Nelson sends a challenge to other wrestlers.

“This is not a team of destiny. This is damn near genetically engineering a dream team. And that is why we are the FSW Tag Team Champions.” states Isaac$.


The One Percent’s road to glory maps hundreds of thousands of miles as they travel through the country and into a town near you.

You can follow The One Percent on their social media pages:

Royce Isaac$:


Twitter: @RoyceIsaacs

Jorel Nelson:


Twitter: @JNeez

Check out news and updates from Future Stars of Wrestling on their Facebook page:














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