Dragon Lee Wins King of Indies 2018

Dragon Lee with the King of Indies Championship.

Dragon Lee officially won the 2018 King of Indies tournament, presented by All Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Revolution, with Markus Mac, Gabriel Ramirez, and Mike Millerick.

A center shot of the finals of the 2018 King of Indies Tournament, feat. Referee Sparkey Ballard holding up the championship for Flip Gordon vs Dragon Lee.

This eight person tournament took place Friday, July 6, 2018 at the Pacelli Event Center in Daly City, CA, and featured top talent in the independent scene of wrestling from the United States, Mexico, Japan, the Samoas, and more.

Jacob Fatu eliminates Jeff Cobb with a cradle.

All Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Jeff Cobb was eliminated by Jacob Fatu in the first round match. Cobb attacked Fatu after the match as Fatu’s back was turned.

Titán and Flip Gordon do battle in the first round of the 2018 King of Indies.

Flip Gordon made it to the finals, eliminating Titán in the first round, and Fatu in the second round.

Dragon Lee and Ryusuke Taguchi embrace after battle.

Ryusuke Taguchi made an impact with a strong impression in a great match against Dragon Lee in the first round match, receiving a round of applause after Taguchi’s elimination.

Brody King and Tim Thatcher grapple in the first round of the 2018 King of Indies.

Brody King and Tim Thatcher made an impressive showing in their matches.

The Reno Scum take out Styker in route of winning their third All Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championships.

The Reno Scum won the APW Tag Team Championships from Styker and Karl Fredricks in a long bout, a forceful fight between the two teams from bell to bell. The match started before the bell rang as Adam Thornstowe from Reno Scum jumped over the ring post onto the defending champions during their entrance. With a doomsday from the apron to the outside, and a double flying curb stomp, the Reno Scum won their third titles.

Nicole Savoy and Taya Valkyrie square up for the Pro Wrestling Revolution Women’s Championship.

Nicole Savoy defender her Pro Wrestling Revolution Women’s Championship against Taya Valkyrie to a double count out after a superplex. Both women fought with their hearts, brawling through the Pacelli Event Center, giving the fans a close call with disaster.

Dragon Lee takes Flip Gordon down in the finals of the 2018 King of Indies Tournament.



Dragon Lee defeated Flip Gordon in the finals of the King of Indies Tournament. Lee pinned Gordon after an orange crush driver in what is both wrestlers’ third match of the night.

Dragon Lee is victorious in the 2018 King of Indies.


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