Maxwell Jacob Friedman Debuts with Two Big Wins in California


Maxwell Jacob Friedman carries the CZW World Championship down the stairs of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

MJF, Maxwell Jacob Friedman recently made his first appearances in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas’s Birthday Bash, two promotions in California.

With the Combat Zone Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder, MJF made his entrance to the bright Hollywood lights.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman declines Shawn Scoville’s invitation to a hot tub interview.

The confident, rich, and eloquently dressed superstar from the Mid-South left the referees in hindsight while he took to the stage being a charismatic fighter of showmanship.

MJF defeated Suede Thompson at CWFH in a prized match featuring the cashing in of the Percy Pringle III Cup versus the CZW World Heavyweight Championship.

The same week, Tyler Bateman fell victim at Peter and Ray’s Birthday Bash to MJF’s do-aything-to-win fighting style.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, The Current Combat Zone Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

“It was amazing to show California what a real professional wrestler looks like. You’re welcome Cali. I’ll be seeing you losers around shortly; and I will be winning per usual. I am better than you and you know it.” says MJF.

Professional wrestling today is many things, but it is more exciting with Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

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