Colt Cabana Attempts Penis Suplex on Super Panda


Colt Cabana sets a trap for Super Panda at Bar Wrestling.

Colt Cabana, at Bar Wrestling’s Pinkerton, tried to do the famous Penis Suplex of Joey Ryan.

With open legs, Cabana pointed his crotch forward to an unsuspecting Super Panda, an elevated bulge.

As Super Panda surveyed the room, he said to himself probably, “Why not?” and touched Cabana’s dick.

Soon after the handful of male parts, Cabana’s facial expression made it seem clear that his penis was not the war-tested penis suplex machine of Joey Ryan, thus unable to flip Panda.

Colt Cabana realized that he did not have the strength in his penis to flip Super Panda.

With a tight hold in the hands of Super Panda, Cabana reluctantly evaded further blasphemy of his penis and tagged out.

Colt Cabana is comforted by Joey Ryan.

Cabana and Ryan eventually went on to win the match after Cabana reverted to his mat classic technique of headlocks and arm holds to outwrestle his opponents.

Colt Cabana hands the opponents to Joey Ryan.

The team worked together to throw their opponents off the top turn buckle using Joey Ryan’s penis. Cabana hit splash off the top rope to win the match.

Colt Cabana hits a body splash for the win.

“I just assumed tagging with Joey Ryan at Bar Wrestling would give me his superpowers… I was wrong.” said Colt Cabana.

Joey Ryan applauds Colt Cabana’s penis.


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