In Memory of Virgil Flynn III


Virgil Flynn III speaks to the people during his performance.

This week, we remember the great Virgil Flynn III as part of our long lively community of great people who have been part of a universal shift in growth in the community.

Flynn was an asset to many organizations around the world, and an entrepreneur of his own. His start-up, Virgil Flynn Productions, has grown since its start to over twenty events in two years.




He’s a family man, with a wife and daughter who supported him in all his endeavors.

Friends and extended family are grateful to have been in his presence – to learn from, seek help, and to find comfort in a warm hearted soul.

Virgil Flynn III was a fun-loving, make the best of any situation kind of man. Even in an unfamiliar place, being with Flynn would make you feel at home.

Nuk Nuk Johnson with Virgil Flynn III.

We remember Virgil Flynn III for his athleticism, charisma, and the fighting spirit he had in sports entertainment for over a decade. He carried an era of professional wrestling and helped bridge it to the next so that future performers would have a home to seek knowledge for their journeys.

Virgil Flynn III looking over his production crew.

Flynn opened a wrestling school in Sacramento, CA, and helped his community grow into a space where pro-wrestling events hosted every other week. He’s a visionary.

We wish Virgil Flynn III the safest travels through the universe.

Hope to see you soon.






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