Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, A World Class Entertainment Production

David Marquez is focused on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

What makes Championship Wrestling From Hollywood different from other wrestling sports entertainment events is its high end production and visual presentation.

The owner, David Marquez, has television show experience for over twenty years, and is a pioneer in this generation for wrestling shows for the media.

The Championship Wrestling From Hollywood crew wear different hats when the cameras are on.

The CWFH office is separated into many different segments, including video, sound, on-air talent management, storyboard, and graphic design, and set production.

The impressive CWFH camera crew operates at least five different video cameras at a time, as well as multiple still photographers. A room of producers cut the footage from different angles to create a television watching experience at home.

David Arquette is greeted by the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood crew.

The fans are welcomed into the studio by a colorful marquee that reads Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. The seating area has the fans in a comfortable cushioned theater-like armchairs.

The actual television production is run smoothly with a clear line of communication between all the moving parts, from the director’s room, to the production crew, all the way to inside the industrial size ring where the top professional sports entertainers from the world perform.

Adrian Quest fights Fidel Bravo and Pinx at Coastline Clash.

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood is home to two of the biggest events in sports and entertainment, The Coastline Clash, and The Red Carpet Rumble. Both events showcase and highlight the animated characters and their unmistakeable traits in an action packed multi-episodic spectacular.

Television tapings for CWFH take place every other Sunday, and runs year-round.

Catch all the information on our social media at @CWFHollywood.

Check out the website for more information at


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