An End of an Era

The Wrestling Community pays tribute to Virgil Flynn III.

The passing of Virgil Flynn III marked an end of an era for the California wrestling community.

Does this mean Virgil Flynn III has been gone forever? No, he is still in our universe soaring through another dimension, with cause and reason to influence our timeline of events.

In this time, wrestlers and promoters in the region are collecting their thoughts and emotions from a passing of a friend. Enemies have bonded, and the future of events have been revised in thought of our friend in spirit.

Nehemiah Johnson counts the three for the main event of the VF3 memorial show.

We remember our loved ones, and friends and family who are there to support us.

Those who have been supportive, but not present, are still as important as those who are helping us in each step along the way. We remember each individual for every contribution to our goals, as we give towards others to support theirs.

Our Earth is sacred for we give life to all that roams. It is time to grow as a unit, with our intentions to a better environment for all.

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