Toys, Games, and Domination in Six Person Inter-gender Action featuring Xia, Shotzi, Joey, Wonder, Samara, and Ellsworth

An inter gender tag team comedy match took place at All Pro Wrestling’s #SUCKERFREE event in Daly City (San Francisco area) in California. The match went on for about half an hour before one team scored a victory.

The original plan was a one-on-one match where Joey Ryan took on James Ellsworth. This six person tag match was changed from a singles, to a tag, to a three on three. The first change of the match was adding Xia Brookside to team with Joey Ryan, and “The Warrior Princess” Samara to team with James Ellsworth. The final revision was adding “The Ballsy Baddass” Shotzi Blackheart to Joey’s team and “Wondergirl” Brittany Wonder to Ellsworth’s team.

Joey Ryan selected a lucky member of the audience to receive his signature blowpop. Xia Brookside found a blowpop between her boobs; long time All Pro Wrestling fan John Lovejoy was quick to let Brookside put the blowpop into his mouth. Shotzi Blackheart pulled out a blowpop from her booty and put it into a ready fan’s mouth.

Xia Brookside let James Ellsworth peek into her trunks, and Ellsworth immediately got onto a knee with a ring in his hands. Brookside stomped on Ellsworth’s hand and ring and rejected the proposal.

Samara leaped off the top turnbuckle with a diving cross body onto Shotzi. Samara performed a beautiful powerslam during the match. Brittany Wonder power bombed Shotzi. James Ellsworth hit No Chin Music on Joey Ryan.

Joey Ryan suplexed Brittany Wonder and Samara simultaneously using his penis. Xia hit a face breaker on Ellsworth. Shotzi locked a Texas Cloverleaf on Ellsworth after. Joey Ryan put a blowpop into the mouth of Ellsworth, causing him to tap out from asphyxiation.

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