Enjoy a Wrestling Cruise Without Having to Sail Away

Chris Bey wins the Best of the West Championship at Sea of Attrition.

Wrestling fans from as far as San Jose came out to the show in Santa Cruz. On a warm mid-summer day at the end of August, friends and families all bought tickets to a seat to the first time to see the most athletically gifted sports entertainers in the world. 

Derek Slade’s friends and family came out to support their hometown hero.

Dozens of a young ambitious wrestler’s friends saw their long time homie power lift an opponent in the air and drop ‘em on their back. A parade of cheer routed through the heart of the family as they cannot believe their own eyes to see someone they know inside three sets of cable rope tied to four posts in a square bounding combat zone. 

Lisa Lace hits a cross body splash on Danny Rocket.


Workers put on their game faces, masking their true identity to perform under the bright lights of the stage. “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” whispers the Dream. 

Kenny K attempts a chicken wing on Matt Cross.

An individual who have been to Wrestlemania steps foot inside the Veterans Memorial Building to see the spectacle. Laced boots and eloquently designed battle wear put names on faces of the bellowing howl of breath taken by the wrestlers of Best of the West Wrestling. 

Bison Braddock tests the strength of Chris Adonis.


Buy a ticket to hear the conversation before the wrestlers go home. Your money will pay off in ten fold as soon as you hear what the industry professionals are talking about. There’s a big secret inside this sizzle in this crystal ball, if you will.

JR Kratos and SiNN BoDHI double team Funnybone in a triple threat match.

Witnesses saw Chris Bey win the Best of the West Championship from Mike Rayne. Did you miss your chance to see Levi Shapiro, Funnybone, SiNN BoDHI, Matt Cross, Lisa Lace, Chris Adonis, Markus Eriks, Styker Ngongoseke, Alexander G. Bernard, Azteca, Steven Tresario, AJ Kirsch, Steven Landis, Andrew Miller, Odie Brown, Shane Wignall, JR Kratos, Owen Travers, Adam Mayhem, Toxic Trent, Danny Rocket, Kenny K, Derek Slade, Mikey Johnson, Lucian D. Light, Wizeguy, Niko, and Bison Braddock? Catch the next Best of the West Wrestling on September 9th in Fresno, CA at the Bitwise Hive on 2600 Ventura St at 18:00.

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