Joe DeFalco II, Future Stars of Wrestling, Transcript Interview

Future Stars of Wrestling is MECCA for the Athletes in the world. With Olympians in the sport, sports human jock for titles.

Joe DeFalco II at MECCA III with the Grand Championship Trophy at Sam’s Town.

Future Stars of Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, FSW No Limit Championship, FSW Tag Team Championships, Nevada State Championship, FSW Women’s championship, and MECCA Grand Championship are pound for pound the heaviest gold in The West Coast.

The FSW Wrestlers illuminate the night of the local scenery, and are promoted by the greatest wrestling promoter in Las Vegas history, Joe DeFalco II:

Words from Joe DeFalco II:

“The team found gold in 2009 at The Las Vegas Rancho Swap Meet. Doing well from what they thought, Joe DeFalco and Rocky T, from day one, put the show together.

Rocky T at MECCA III at Sam’s Town.

There are almost no local wrestling in almost ten years in 2009, and The Young Bucks and Kenny King were a few of the people on the first show. It felt very comfortable.

From day one, the idea was the run a wrestling promotion. In turn, we turned into a wrestling school. Mike Modest from APW moved to Las Vegas, NV. After four to five months, we thought we would run our own wrestling school so that we wouldn’t have send our guys to another wrestling school so that they make money from us.

A good amount of anyone if at the local shows were interested, and commercials using Monday Night Raw, people called if we had a wrestling school. It helped us get students and new fans.

We did one show at the Rancho, then went Silver Nugget Casino in North Las Vegas where a downstairs boxing room. First show in November 2009, “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka and his son Deuce trained in Vegas before getting signed by WWE. Being in the local schools since 1999, helping out; it took eight years after watching to do our own wrestling. 

Brian Cage tackles down Alex Hammerstone at Sam’s Town.

After a rocky start, and some licensing stuff, a few months after the first show, then the Silver Nugget November, we ran six-eight weeks for a couple of years, and had The Godfather with his fanbase being an ex WWE talent, solid guys like Brian Cage; in 2010, Brandon Gatson, Reno Scum, Kenny King, Disco/ Nobody had done something like it. Fortunately, people liked our show, and our fan base set up allowed us to go to Sam’s Town.

Social media became a main way of reaching your fans. It would be harder to sell tickets, and wait in line to buy them Social media took off, and in turn on Facebook, made it easier to buy tickets, save fees, and make sure fans knew about the show. Now, the fans don’t have to drive by something that we spend money on marketing now to do a show.

We would link with a good promotion like ROH out here to work together; help usb help them. Don’t use those if you don’t do anything for us. Small companies do their own thing, we do our own thing. We don’t look at other days, and it doesn’t matter if smaller guys run; it doesn’t affect us in any way.

Reno Scum takes on The One Percent in Las Vegas, NV.

If Life is Beautiful is running, a holiday, NASCAR, running multiple ays a month, it’s easy to miss a FSW if fans want to go see NASCAR, EDC, Life is Beautiful, why fight it?

We did day shows at Sam’s Town, our own arena, and made mistakes running against big events. We saw how much it hurt the loyal fanbase.

Things coming into town once year, and it’s somebody we want to see really. We love FSW, but it’s an opportunity to see Eminem, which is five years, once a lifetime situation. It’s the only time to see them. We understand that, stay on the pulse, and plan way ahead.

In June, we booked a show when EDC was running, so we learned don’t run this weekend. A situation with Vegas Knights when we ran during a playoff game, 3/5 missing regulars for that show to catch the playoffs Knights game. It really hurt us, so we will move to Friday if there’s a Saturday thing.

A loyal fanbase at shows come for certain wrestlers, match, big name guys. We have super indie guys, like a PWG show, Matt Hardy, Keith Lee, Brian Cage, a who’s who in the indie world. ROH fans, instead of going back to California or Arizona, stick around stay for another day. It’s a different style like ROH Wrestling, but they like the product. We like local guys, but we can’t spend that $200, and get the ROH guy for $50 to come to our show.

We have made shows after ROH weekend and drew better than ROH including the MECCA show.

The shows is what I like most about being in the wrestling business. The other stuff is very hard work. There are so many things it entails. You have to do two-three months work, putting things in order, getting the guys, seeing who’s available and who’s hurt, The payoff is two-three months work for a three hour show. It is universally praised as the best work they’ve ever seen.

There is the grind of having everybody think their issue a student or wrestling they have to deal with me. I have to deal with forty people; sometimes they feel neglected, not getting attention, getting what they want on a show, or want on the show, and care about what’s theirs and if at MECCA didn’t get the spot. I need the show to be the best show. A loyal guy to you, worked hard for the year long, but has a reason why they’re not on the show.

We hope there is another twenty new years of this, from where we started in 2009. In 2012 and 2013, we thought this is unbelievable. We can’t believe how old this is, now, almost 2019 we are so much bigger than we are 2013-2014. We forced and hammered relationships with the biggest companies in the world. We are doing IMPACT in November and February. So is the reason we worked with ROH in Vegas.

Taya Valkyrie with the FSW Women’s Championship Title, hand raised by Referee Justin Borden.

A spark is coming in China. Eight trainers and four students are working in China, to being the biggest promotion in China to invade the world. 

They saw his product and saw what he was doing; tried to poach their guys and take their spots at FSW to draw three hundred to four hundred people. They come in and have forty to fifty. There’s nobody to outwork me. It’s almost an impossibility to have more passion and desire. They come in sell tickets and make money. I don’t know if you can make money from the business. I do it because I love the business.

I wish we had Vince McMahon’s money. We are a mom and pop. We have our son. We have individuals helping us. We wish we could have people who say hay we would like an interview, here’s the schedule, and have other people help.

I put posters on electrical pole to flyer so that we know what to get done. Students want to just wrestle. We were at Thomas and Mac for WWE; someone put flyers in the dumpster when they were supposed to pass flyers.

Sixty to seventy precent never make it, or last at all. To risk company on that person? If I fail, it’s because I did everything I could do, and it wasn’t good enough.

The Ultimate goal is to probably run a functioning company that tours and work more than Vegas; tours Phoenix, Las Vegas, somewhere in California, even in New Mexico for one of our guys, MK. That would be super cool. Become being able to pay all the bills and not to have a regular job at all; live and breathe wrestling. I work all the time on the DJ booth, thinking about all the guys wrestling. We are thinking about wrestling doing our day jobs anyway.

Quoth the Owner, nevermore.

Joe DeFalco II”

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Beers and Body Slams on Thursday, October 4

October 26, featuring Taya’s Women’s Title Match, Vampiro, Royce and Jorel

December 14, Against All Odds, Thirty Man Rumble, Winner Gets a Title Shot Against The Heavyweight Champion


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