NWA 70th Anniversary Nashville, TN October 21, 2018

Cody in America. Photography by: Ring of Honor

Congratulations to NWA and Cody R, participating in a great howling race branded by the highest sponsor team in America.

The National Wrestling Alliance operated in ancient times of territory warfare, in our ancestors’ age, all the way back to when wrestling first began.

The BULLET CLUB for foresting forever imprints in life. An everlasting effect takes its place forever in to the minds of space. Lights shine bright in the imagination of human.

A forever lasting battle until the end, win or lose it all depends on your game for the fight it’s a must you must conquer the light that is before you beneath you and shine as bright as you can so that you can defeat your opponent and tell a good story.

Thank you for your sacrifice into this war and preparing us for battle against our livelihood against ourselves and others. Our enemies or our friends, witnesses to war, sacrifice our bodies for our shots at the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title. Ten pounds of gold felt around the bodies of our athletes.

IN AMERICA , Chaos not yet takes away from the shine of gold, the chase for our friends and family.

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