The Protected Brain


The importance of balance, whether or not, whatever the challenge may be, is an utmost important skill in traversing Earth, maybe more local, like Downtown Los Angeles.

The challenge of retaining equilibrium proves to be a skillful task when one side of the brain wants to take part of the important moments of day to day and the other trying to find reason for the aforementioned experiences.


The ability to listen, and formulate a response takes a lot of knowledge of languages. When something’s missing, professional relationships may be stagnated, immobile due to insufficient brain activity to communicate.

The opportunities to learn signs are all over the world. However, in one country, is not enough to experience the feelings of other cultures that build their values on their emotions.


The heart may as well walk for us, but only until the brain learns how to read directions. Emotion based, or intel, we move in time, in line. There is no cutting, no going backwards, but ahead in one pace with information sensed in all directions.

The comfort of a protected brain, from emotional darkness, from the void of lack of information, carries the soul to the next location.


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