Joey Ryan and Peter Avalon, Injured Wrestlers in Thumb War

A historic match that took place at Bar Wrestling could potentially change the future of injured wrestlers participating in active professional wrestling matches.

Joey “King of Sleaze” Ryan took on “Professional” Peter Avalon in a thumb wrestling war in Los Angeles the first week of December of 2018.

Thumb Wrestling War

The match featured two injured competitors: Ryan with a separated pectoral muscle, and Avalon with a fractured face.

The two competitors signed to a match that headlined an event with over fifteen other actively non-injured competitors.

Joey Ryan (left) vs Peter Avalon (right)

The match semi-main-evented the show, but could easily have closed out the show.

Peter Avalon geared up for the match, while Joey Ryan brought his sleaziness to the ring, amping up the fans.

Douglas James, who dislocated his hip prior to the event, refereed the match.

The match ended when Ray Rosas, PPRay partner, helped Peter Avalon by guiding him through the finish. Rosas received a Dick Suplex from Joey Ryan.


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