Best of The West Wrestling’s New Fresno Studio

Dave Dutra faces Chris Bey with referee Shane Wiggles in a Championship Match at the studio.

Best of The West Wrestling has rented out a studio for their television program and training school in Fresno, California.

The American wrestling promotion started in 2016, and are already putting their product on Amazon Prime.

Kyle Newport and AJ Kirsch share the commentating booth.

Their local fans have invested in stories and characters, such as AJ Kirsch, Funnybone, Chris Bey, Toxic Trent, The Bomb Squad, Damien Drake, Bison Braddock, Alexander G. Bernard, Mike Rayne, Styker Ngongseke, Diablo Azteca, Dave Dutra, Nuk Nuk Johnson, Steven Landis, Kent Reed, Matthew Sparks, Royce Isaacs, Jorel Nelson, Chaz Hererra, Robbie Phoenix, Owen Travers, Danny Rocket, Hip Hop Harry, Levi Shapiro, Steven Tresario, Wieguy, Niko, Marcus Eriks, and Kyle Newport.

Toxic Trent glowing in the stage lighting.

The group features the best superstars from all of California, covering both northern and souther regions of the state. Including their fly-in talents, and their local students, each of their show is stacked with talent found only in Best of The West.

Lisa Lace in action at Best of The West.

The goal for the company is to grow to become a nationwide recognized brand, and reach the entire world. Best of The West proudly boosts their equal opportunity work standards, responsibility, accountability, honesty towards each other, and support for all involved.

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