The Samoan Dynasty Finally Reappear With Many New Members at All Pro Wrestling

The Samoan Dynasty made their presence felt as they tore apart the remanence of a grueling battle royal between All Pro Wrestling’s top stars.

Steff Manukainiu marches to the beat of the Samoan Dynasty.

A group, familiar with the rich history of wrestling, introduces the newest generation of fighters, including Eti Parisi, Saka Sr, Sefa Fatu, Jr Fatu, Black Pearl, Tonga Kid, Anapeta, and Steff and Ashley Manukainiu by initiating barbaric beatdown, sending the APW fans aloft.

The target is to inject the new breed to the professional wrestling territories by starting in California. More specifically, start the journey in the Bay Area’s All Pro Wrestling, run by Markus Mac.

Eti Parisi drops an elbow onto Jody Kristofferson.

The team hit a low blow onto promoter Markus Mac, smashed number one contender Will Hobbs with a sledgehammer, flew tandem soaring attacks on Rik Luxury and Jody Kristofferson, and chased off any threat to their conquering their manifest destiny.

TK Fatu on the mic, with his family.

The Ringleader, Fatu Jr, took to the microphone in a speech to declare a new era of professional wrestling, correcting the abusive treatment of Samoans. Backed by TK Fatu, the words from the Samoan legacy embark en route again to reign malice regardless of fatalities.

The Samoan Dynasty all exit All Pro Wrestling.

Will the Samoan Dynasty manage to keep their momentum? Where will finally end up? Follow the Fatu Family on social media to catch live feeds and stay up to date on their expedition.

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