Joey Ryan and Peter Avalon, Injured Wrestlers in Thumb War

A historic match that took place at Bar Wrestling could potentially change the future of injured wrestlers participating in active professional wrestling matches. Joey “King of Sleaze” Ryan took on “Professional” Peter Avalon in a thumb wrestling war in Los Angeles the first week of December of 2018. The match featured two injured competitors: RyanContinue reading “Joey Ryan and Peter Avalon, Injured Wrestlers in Thumb War”


What products  are valuable? All products are valuable. In a folder a list of clues one by one two and three a tree. Photos from a certain taime is valuable to the human life experience. Where does this time period fall in the grand evolvement of existence? Wordds translate the emotions into a body ofContinue reading “Time”

Photographs from Bar Wrestling: It Can’t Rain All The Time

Matt Cross vs Marko Stunt Joey Ryan vs Solo Darling YUMA and Kevin Martenson vs Dan Barry and Mick Moretti Jeff Cobb vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman SoCal Uncensored Visits Bar Wrestling Taya Valkyrie, Super Panda, Luchasarus vs Delilah Doom, Scorpio Sky, Eric Watts Tenille Dashwood vs Viper: After show:

Photographs from Bar Wrestling: Victims… Aren’t We All

Before the show: Rocky Romero vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman: LAX (Santana and Ortiz) vs Brian Cage and Jeff Cobb: Tenille Dashwood vs Solo Darling: Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas vs Laura James and Heather Monroe: Taya Valkyrie vs Viper: Matt Cross, Tyler Bateman, Brody King vs Joey Ryan, Scorpio Sky, Dan Barry:

Women’s Wrestling Up Top at Bar Wrestling

Women’s wrestling in sports entertainment takes another step in cementing their legacy thanks to Bar Wrestling. This Californian promotion has provided the best opportunities in the state to see fresh faces in competition at every show. Since its origin, Bar Wrestling has had at least one main event match featuring the ladies of wrestling. LauraContinue reading “Women’s Wrestling Up Top at Bar Wrestling”

Colt Cabana Attempts Penis Suplex on Super Panda

  Colt Cabana, at Bar Wrestling’s Pinkerton, tried to do the famous Penis Suplex of Joey Ryan. With open legs, Cabana pointed his crotch forward to an unsuspecting Super Panda, an elevated bulge. As Super Panda surveyed the room, he said to himself probably, “Why not?” and touched Cabana’s dick. Soon after the handful ofContinue reading “Colt Cabana Attempts Penis Suplex on Super Panda”

Bar Wrestling’s Showdown

The sounds of Bar Wrestling, if translated, would be a city’s sirens calling for a superhero. Southern California’s desire for pro wrestling has elevated the careers of the industry’s top performers. Fans are eager to buy in to the next selling act, put it on a pedestal, and worship it like their favorite musician’s song. AContinue reading “Bar Wrestling’s Showdown”


Come take a drive to the hidden city of Baldwin Park, CA. Be a part of the family who create to change the world: Joey Ryan, The Killer Baes (Laura James and Heather Monroe), Xia Brookside, Pentagon Jr., Fenix, Hurricane Helms, Tyler Bateman, Brody King, Taya Valkyrie, Scorpio Sky, Super Panda, DOOMFLY (Eli Everfly andContinue reading “BAR WRESTLING TOMORROW!”

Tessa Blanchard Raises The Bar Two Times in One Night

Tessa Blanchard showed her true toughness as she wrestled two highly competitive matches in at Bar Wrestling. She is driven to be the absolute best, being a third generation wrestler in the Blanchard family, a true horseman in sports entertainment. Blanchard, along with Indi Hartwell and many others, got a chance to shine in anContinue reading “Tessa Blanchard Raises The Bar Two Times in One Night”