Game Changer Wrestling’s Joey Janela Presents LA Confidential

In one of the most chaotic moments anyone has ever experienced, Game Changer Wrestling brought the wrestling family in Los Angeles, California together in an absolutely beautiful night in professional wrestling, a legitimate art form. Every match was changed to a no disqualification match during the show. Those who weren’t there were jealous. Friends sentContinue reading “Game Changer Wrestling’s Joey Janela Presents LA Confidential”

Photographs from Bar Wrestling: It Can’t Rain All The Time

Matt Cross vs Marko Stunt Joey Ryan vs Solo Darling YUMA and Kevin Martenson vs Dan Barry and Mick Moretti Jeff Cobb vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman SoCal Uncensored Visits Bar Wrestling Taya Valkyrie, Super Panda, Luchasarus vs Delilah Doom, Scorpio Sky, Eric Watts Tenille Dashwood vs Viper: After show:

Toys, Games, and Domination in Six Person Inter-gender Action featuring Xia, Shotzi, Joey, Wonder, Samara, and Ellsworth

An inter gender tag team comedy match took place at All Pro Wrestling’s #SUCKERFREE event in Daly City (San Francisco area) in California. The match went on for about half an hour before one team scored a victory. The original plan was a one-on-one match where Joey Ryan took on James Ellsworth. This six person tagContinue reading “Toys, Games, and Domination in Six Person Inter-gender Action featuring Xia, Shotzi, Joey, Wonder, Samara, and Ellsworth”

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, A World Class Entertainment Production

The Coastline Clash and The Red Carpet Rumble are the trademark spectacles from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

Bar Wrestling’s Showdown

The sounds of Bar Wrestling, if translated, would be a city’s sirens calling for a superhero. Southern California’s desire for pro wrestling has elevated the careers of the industry’s top performers. Fans are eager to buy in to the next selling act, put it on a pedestal, and worship it like their favorite musician’s song. AContinue reading “Bar Wrestling’s Showdown”

The Sesh, The California Cannabis Community’s Underground Fun House

The presence is strong in the California drug-friendly community. It is thriving in the year 2018, right now in the present. In strange times, why not indulge in food that may warp your perception of time even further? To the corner down a staircase of the Underground Brewery Restaurant and Bar in San Diego, California hostsContinue reading “The Sesh, The California Cannabis Community’s Underground Fun House”


Come take a drive to the hidden city of Baldwin Park, CA. Be a part of the family who create to change the world: Joey Ryan, The Killer Baes (Laura James and Heather Monroe), Xia Brookside, Pentagon Jr., Fenix, Hurricane Helms, Tyler Bateman, Brody King, Taya Valkyrie, Scorpio Sky, Super Panda, DOOMFLY (Eli Everfly andContinue reading “BAR WRESTLING TOMORROW!”

Willie Mack Steals The Pot at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood

“Chocolate Thunder” Willie Mack has defeated “Bad Dude” Tito Escondido for the United Wrestling Network’s Heritage Championship. Bad Dude Tito enters his last Heritage Title defense of his first reign at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.   Championship Wrestling From Hollywood’s top title now belongs to The Mack. However, his tactics and signature maneuvers have changed.Continue reading “Willie Mack Steals The Pot at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood”