Joe DeFalco II, Future Stars of Wrestling, Transcript Interview

Future Stars of Wrestling is MECCA for the Athletes in the world. With Olympians in the sport, sports human jock for titles. Future Stars of Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, FSW No Limit Championship, FSW Tag Team Championships, Nevada State Championship, FSW Women’s championship, and MECCA Grand Championship are pound for pound the heaviest gold in TheContinue reading “Joe DeFalco II, Future Stars of Wrestling, Transcript Interview”


Congratulations to the new Ring of Honor Television Title Holder, Jeff Cobb! No question that Jeff Cobb is more powerful than other competitors. Exudes electricity mezmerizing and is fascinating. Cobb is macht standard of his craft. We appreciate the drive and influence attributed to the title. Cobb is killing it, falling all his opponents with aContinue reading “OCTOBER 2018: TITLE CHANGE”

Organic Growth For Potential Precious Break in Glass Ceiling

  Global Essence would like to present a congratulations to Mattew Riddle in his prestigious signing with World Wrestling Entertainment! Riddle in successful rotations around the orbit of the intependent wrestling circuit created buzz of life. A rogue fighter rooted in intense state fighting with energy of a tidal wave participating in sport. Mazsel tov!

The Last Stop on The Loop for The Classic Connection

What happens when one half of a great tag team signs a long term exclusive contract? Buddy Royal has resigned from his coaching position in his hometown of Santa Maria, CA to become a full time member of New Japan Pro Wrestling. Shapiro has been training with former WWE Superstar Ezekiel Jackson in Redwood City, CA.Continue reading “The Last Stop on The Loop for The Classic Connection”

Toys, Games, and Domination in Six Person Inter-gender Action featuring Xia, Shotzi, Joey, Wonder, Samara, and Ellsworth

An inter gender tag team comedy match took place at All Pro Wrestling’s #SUCKERFREE event in Daly City (San Francisco area) in California. The match went on for about half an hour before one team scored a victory. The original plan was a one-on-one match where Joey Ryan took on James Ellsworth. This six person tagContinue reading “Toys, Games, and Domination in Six Person Inter-gender Action featuring Xia, Shotzi, Joey, Wonder, Samara, and Ellsworth”

An End of an Era

The passing of Virgil Flynn III marked an end of an era for the California wrestling community. Does this mean Virgil Flynn III has been gone forever? No, he is still in our universe soaring through another dimension, with cause and reason to influence our timeline of events. In this time, wrestlers and promoters inContinue reading “An End of an Era”

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, A World Class Entertainment Production

The Coastline Clash and The Red Carpet Rumble are the trademark spectacles from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.