Comfort and The Fear of Impermanence

The change of the world is inevitable. A lengthy reign is a flash of light in the permanent existence of the universe. Interactions occur within a timeframe. The attraction to a positive experience weighs down on our self aware ability and natural strength to fight. A surrender to a happy time is an hour glass.Continue reading “Comfort and The Fear of Impermanence”

The Protected Brain

The importance of balance, whether or not, whatever the challenge may be, is an utmost important skill in traversing Earth, maybe more local, like Downtown Los Angeles. The challenge of retaining equilibrium proves to be a skillful task when one side of the brain wants to take part of the important moments of day toContinue reading “The Protected Brain”

An End of an Era

The passing of Virgil Flynn III marked an end of an era for the California wrestling community. Does this mean Virgil Flynn III has been gone forever? No, he is still in our universe soaring through another dimension, with cause and reason to influence our timeline of events. In this time, wrestlers and promoters inContinue reading “An End of an Era”

Who Are Royce Isaac$ and Jorel Nelson, The One Percent?

                    Royce Isaac$ and Jorel Nelson are the current Future Stars of Wrestling Tag Team Champions. Known as The One Percent, along with their manager, MK, this team is the top tag team in Las Vegas, NV at this very point in time. The One PercentContinue reading “Who Are Royce Isaac$ and Jorel Nelson, The One Percent?”

The Sesh, The California Cannabis Community’s Underground Fun House

The presence is strong in the California drug-friendly community. It is thriving in the year 2018, right now in the present. In strange times, why not indulge in food that may warp your perception of time even further? To the corner down a staircase of the Underground Brewery Restaurant and Bar in San Diego, California hostsContinue reading “The Sesh, The California Cannabis Community’s Underground Fun House”

Tam and Odis embrace peaceful San Francisco on their Engagement Walk

Tam and Odis are an international couple who just got married, and are having their engagement day in San Francisco. They are a traveling team, two documentary specialists, and entrepreneurs. On this day, we started on Lombard Street, where the curvy road draws hundreds of landscape enthusiasts at a time. Love was in the airContinue reading “Tam and Odis embrace peaceful San Francisco on their Engagement Walk”

Fans Wait Patiently as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Ring Arrives

Last Friday night, hundreds of patient Pro Wrestling Guerrilla fans waited outside the American Legion Hall in Reseda, CA for hours after the show was supposed to start,  because they didn’t care why – they just wanted to be there. A ring truck broke down on its way to the venue, and subsequently, the building wasContinue reading “Fans Wait Patiently as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Ring Arrives”