Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Keeps Rolling

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood finished another successful set of tapings for their television show, filmed in Port Hueneme, CA.

The audience for this crowd was more excited than usual, and made their voices heard regarding new storyline turns and character evolution. However, Heritage Champion, Peter Avalon, would receive, still, a mass of boos and resounding heartbreak from the Southern California fans.

Among the CWFH stars that made their way to the stage, Eric Watts and Tyler Davidson came out to an overwhelming cheer when they went on to face newly despised PAC 3 (after they turned on Dicky Mayer) – Mayer would receive help from long time CWFH performer Ryan Taylor.

Kevin Condron made his presence known, being a special guest referee in two very important matches of the month. Yuma vs Ray Rosas, and Suede Thompson vs Big Duke were the two matches who did not have Jeremy Marcus or Eddie Furth as the official.

Ron Mathis and Nate Wingz from Rockstar Pro Wrestling made impressive debuts and won over the fans throughout the taping with deeply appreciated interactions.

Producer David Marquez leads an impressive commentary team of Joe Galli, Edmundo Alarcon, Joey Vargas, Joshua Shibata, Joe Vernola, and more names I’m missing.

Daniel “D-Man” Parker, who won a tag match and walked away from his tag partner, also wrestled his last match of his stint in the California region of his wrestling journey. He will be missed, as he travels back to Canada until his work visa clears.

Scorpio Sky did a cool backstage interview with one of two of the beautiful interviewers, and retained his Television Championship later in the night in a triple threat match against Astro and Nate Wingz.

Oliver Grimsly defeated Ju Dizz in a singles match.